Quote of The Day

Quote Of The Day
~Wahai Tuhan kami, janganlah Engkau memesongkan hati kami sesudah Engkau beri petunjuk kepada kami, dan sesungguhnya Engkau jualah Tuhan yang melimpah-limpah pemberianNya (Ali-Imran:8)~

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

: The Day I Start Sudoku-ing :

Haha...Loser...ya memang loser. Sebab aku baru nak belajar do sudoku. I can feel my brain is shrinking, due to lack of thinking...eh eh...rhymes pulak!

I bought 3 books yesterday, after watching KL Drift. I know...laugh of loud. Poyo sikit la...cerite tu membebel banyak...maybe typical malay movie, macam tu lah.

1st book : Sudoku, Basic
Maxim Press

2nd Book : The Rules of Parenting
Richard Templar

3rd Book : My first words (abviously untuk Nuh la kan...)

Ok, nak start Sudoku-ing.

: The Day We Were So Happy and Anxious :

Don’t know where or how to starts…let me starts from

The day we were so anxious and happy…

Assalamualaikum my precious baby Nuh. I know when u are reading this, you will be such a big boy to be called baby, but u will always be mama’s baby til I meet my grave (sob sob)

Having u in may tummy was really amazing and exciting. I am such a lucky mommy, carrying you WITHOUT having any fatigue, nausea, vomiting or any other bad condition majority mom-to-be always had. From beginning to the end pregnancy stage was really fun and I stay strong and healthy throughout the months (sedih gak sebab xleh nak mengada ngada dekat ayah)

We always wanted a baby boy, because…we just want it! Hehe…We want u to be a leader one day, not just a leader to your family, but a leader to the country and in Islam. We will be proud of you son!

Back to my mengandung period. I have also never mengidam this and that…Cuma melantak macam there is no tomorrow je…and I was really strong and lasak…During that time I worked with a typical Chinaman developer, where need to go to site 2-3 times a week driving. PEnat to biaselah, penat drive and due to the hot weather. I never skipped meals, milk and my favourite tau-foo-fah+choco dumpling, but always skipped my B-complex which nenek gave me (kalo nenek tau, mesti dia marah)

Mama juga jarang masak...due to the laziness to the maximum and sebab the kitchen condition which was quite menyedihkan. We just got married 3 months that time, and our house was 30% equipped. Masak pun on the floor, makan pun just berlapikkan surat khabar, sofa pun ade 1 je mase tuh...Ayah slalu do the cooking coz u are getting bigger in my tummy, which made me hard to sit on the floor and to tunduk. Nak bangun apetah lagi...Mama Chef De Mission, giving orders while ayah masak. Not bad la the cooking. Bolehlah...

When u’re six months old in my tummy, my feet started expending, like an elephants’ feet. I can feel the ugliness being a fat lady, really hot (not that young-lady-hot but HOT) and menjadi ‘kenderaan berat ikut kiri’ type of lady. Mmg terasa gemoks dan beratnye. Sib baik during that time, we lived in a condo at Bukit Antarabangsa, so no climbing up an down the stairs.

Ayah will everynight kiss my big tummy (konon kiss u la kan…) and talked to you. He is as anxious as me. Tak sabar nak tunggu u presence to our world. The thing that contributes to our anxiousness is that each time for check-up, and we scanned and tak nampak gender nyer…lagi la suspense. Til the end, 2-3 weeks before The-Day, Dr Marlik (my gynea) told us that you are ‘lanang’ which we really have no idea until nenek heard it and gelak panjang…’kuih lanang’ katanya.

Til the day…u were born…
to be continue