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Quote Of The Day
~Wahai Tuhan kami, janganlah Engkau memesongkan hati kami sesudah Engkau beri petunjuk kepada kami, dan sesungguhnya Engkau jualah Tuhan yang melimpah-limpah pemberianNya (Ali-Imran:8)~

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

: Wind of Change :

Ini bukan lirik lagu Scorpion ok!
Haha…catching up with blogs is ssooo made me wanna update mine (macamla nuff nang going to pay me…macamla ade orang baca blog aku T_T) It is been awhile I did not update my blog. Lazy, lazy and no internet connection at the office. New office I mean… bukanla takde internet connection, but I am in the waiting list to get connected with the internet. Ya…I know I can use my BB BUT I did not register yet. How loser can it be kan? Nanti la aku register, wanna stop being a loser. Pathetic!

Well, lot things happen past 1-2 months. Got a new job, new frens, new bosses (obviously la kan…) new headache in the morning to cope with the traffic. Bblluurrgghh…tekanan betul. Unless I go out at 6.45am. Yes. 6.45…Hello…Kalo dulu 6.45 tu aku baru nak mandi tau! What to do, I made that choice. New office is nice, tingkat 4 tu yang tak tahan. So I can get back my voluptuous butt and GOD DAMMIT I WANNA HAVE THAT ANTM BODY ;) My space is big enough for me to have my Kak sanah Nasi Lemak Paru, to stock up foods (hehe…) and let the all A3 working paper all around my place on the table (main wayang busy la konon.thee…). God knows how cerewet I am when it comes to bersepah sepah. Ape je bersepah, mesti aku nak buang. Sorry U, tapi barang U is like EVERYWHERE! About the work…I am catching up. My greatness (gile tak level 5 langsung!) in letter writing back in my previous company is just like a B- to my boss. Graduated oversea, working experience oversea, bergelumang dengan contracts terms, gile bombastic words he used. Contract letter la katakan, must be very precise and careful with the words. Learning now boooossss…tapi yang best tu, my letter yesterday takde kena pangkah pun, ade 2 je comments, tu pun not on the wording, but he asked me to take out the word which sound soo committing with the job. U know la all this contract stuff kan, must get the right word. Colleagues pun ok, nice and helpful. The devil is my office is just next to the shopping complex, The Atria (erk?). Well, memangla it is not Pavillion or The Gardens, but hello…Giant is there. Setiap hari la aku nak beli itu ini. Camni, gaji 10 rhibu pun tak cukup. Every fortnightly la aku pegi FJB End Of Season tu tgk new stock of Raoul shirt. Tak ke hampagas tu?

Alamak, bos datang la pulak, before dia menyinggah kat tempat aku nak check aku nyer blog, better aku chow. Tata…nanti sambung.

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